Winchester Medical Center, Data Center Relocation

Winchester, Virginia

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The Data Center for Valley Health System’s Winchester Medical Center was located in the basement of the hospital, with no room for expansion in any direction, and with inadequate infrastructure for cooling and power systems to fit the growing needs of the Medical Center.

ccrd orchestrated the design and construction of a new data center in the second floor of an office building located on campus.  This relocation allowed the facility to utilize the abandoned valuable real estate for a much needed pharmacy expansion, and allowed for the data center to receive the proper infrastructure for their immediate needs with plenty of future expansion capability.

The facility consisted of 5000 square feet of raised floor, underfloor air distribution and power distribution, overhead low-voltage system distribution, and infrastructure design for 100W/SF capacity to the raised floor.  The design met Tier 3 reliability standards and the ability for proper maintenance to occur without interruption to operations.  Some key features of the system were a gas fire suppression system, chilled water cooling units operating off the campus chilled water plant with individual DX backup, and the elimination of as many single points of failure as the budget would allow.  Onsite UPS and Emergency generators were configured in parallel for N+1 redundancy at future peak power density of 100W/SF of raised floor.  The facility was able to take advantage of the scalable design that allowed them to purchase the equipment they required for their immediate needs, and offset the costs of additional infrastructure to support their growth to the future.

Owner: Valley Health
Project Size: 5,000 sf of raised floor
Completion: 2005
Construction Cost:

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