Bush Intercontinental Airport

Houston, Texas

  • Bush Intercontinental Airport Terminal B Public Art
Bush Intercontinental Airport Terminal B Public Art

ccrd has provided on-going engineering services to the Houston Department of Aviation, Intercontinental Airport since 1985. Projects have ranged from Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services on tenant kiosks to terminal renovations, Fire Protection Services and long range master planning of IAH’s systems infrastructure. Central Plant, Distribution Systems & Terminals O&M Air & Water System & Equipment Study.

For the VALE upgrade project, ccrd served as prime consultant, coordinating architectural, structural, electrical, and geotechnical disciplines. ccrd also provided the mechanical and plumbing design services for programming and development of preliminary design documents for the replacement of three (3) 28,000,000 BTUH steam boilers, one (1) 3,340 ton chiller and associated cooling tower upgrades.

Through coordination with the owner, the project delivery implementation was altered to the Design-Build method, which resulted in the successful award of a $9,000,000 grant through the Federal Aviation Administration’s VALE program.

The IAH campus utilizes a pressurized high temperature hot water distribution system for their heating requirements with temperature differentials as high as 180F. A particular challenge for this project was to replace existing steam boilers with hot water boilers while using the same pumping equipment and piping configuration. The owner also expressed a desire for the ability to reset the hot water supply temperature as an energy savings measure during off peak heating seasons. Using the computer program Pipe-FLO, ccrd developed a hydraulic computer model of the system. After analyzing multiple configurations, a design configuration was selected that provided hot water at lower supply temperatures for most of the year using boilers. During peak heating demand periods, the system can still provide supply water at temperatures up to 300F with booster heat exchangers piped in series with the boilers. This approach allowed the owner to install equipment meeting specific requirements as needed for varying demand conditions without installing oversized and additional equipment.

Owner: Houston Department of Aviation
Completion: 2010
Construction Cost: $26 million

Scope of Services:
Prime Consultant