Healthcare Engineering

Healing Environments

When lives are on the line, your solutions must be reliable. That’s why demanding clients like medical centers trust their healthcare engineering to ccrd. Our engineering firm has over 20 years of experience designing some of most complex healthcare systems around: systems to support linear accelerators, MRIs, CAT scans, operating rooms, cath labs, recovery suites and more. From community hospitals, clinics, and specialty care facilities to major urban healthcare campuses, ccrd continues to provide design solutions that maximize sustainability and support the advancement of healthcare.

ccrd is committed to healthcare engineering that creates environments where wellness and healing is promoted. You can see it in the literally hundreds of medical facilities we have helped design across the globe. Our philosophy is simple: No project is successful if it only solves part of the problem.

That’s why ccrd forms collaborative design teams that get in on the ground floor. Every solution must provide well-balanced integration. We make sure that maintenance requirements are always given due consideration when making aesthetic choices. Form must follow function.

Sustainable Relationships

Every ccrd healthcare project team offers the depth of healthcare knowledge and collaborative experience required to work through the building process. We understand that, at the end of the day, medical institutions are service businesses that operate in the country’s most regulated industry. That’s why ccrd insures that staff needs, operational cost concerns, building and programmatic flexibility are all built into every design. Maybe that’s why our healthcare clients are some of our most loyal, giving us the kind of repeat business that accounts for the largest percentage of our engineering projects.

Take a look at some of our most recent Healthcare projects.

Phoenix Children's Hospital

Sustainability is never easy. This hospital engineering project was no exception. But the ccrd team rolled up our sleeves and collaborated with architects to come up with some of the most leading-edge solutions of the decade.


Baylor Cancer Center

When your aim is to deliver the best healthcare engineering, you face big challenges and greater rewards. The Baylor Cancer Center in downtown Dallas proved to be no exception.


Children’s Heath System Birmingham

Our children deserve the best. That’s why our pediatric healthcare engineering not only gets our best thinking, it gets a piece of our heart. Take the new 772,000 square foot expansion of Children’s Health System of Alabama’s expanded campus in downtown Birmingham. This new hospital facility consists of a twelve-story Hospital building and a remote Central Utility Plant.


Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas

This world-class facility is a testament to ccrd teamwork and sustainable design. The Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas is a member of the Seton Family of Hospitals. Designed to be an efficient, functional, and forward-thinking pediatric healthcare environment, the new 170-bed, 475,000 sf Medical Center incorporates innovative sustainability features unique to a healthcare facility.


Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center

ccrd prides itself on healthcare engineering that is more than innovative, it’s sustainable. The new VCU Medical Center is an engineering project that lives up to these high standards.


Valley Health Winchester Medical Center, North Tower Expansion Heart & Vascular Center

This LEED® Gold certified center is a nothing less than a work of art. The ccrd team approached this engineering project they way we approach every healthcare engineering opportunity: with an open mind and a sharpened pencil.