Rice University, Brockman Hall For Physics

Houston, Texas

LEED® Gold Certification

The Brockman Hall for Physics is a new 110,000 gsf building located on Rice University campus which houses condensed matter labs, laser optics labs, chemistry wet labs and general physics labs. The building and its support systems are designed to mitigate vibration, noise, and electromagnetic interference due to the highly sensitive equipment to be used within the labs. The building is designed with a minimum goal of LEED Silver and received a NIST grant due to the incorporation of several energy saving strategies including sensible and latent exhaust air energy recovery, fin water recovery, helium recovery system, and a lighting control system for laboratory and office spaces with daylight harvesting and occupant sensing. The building MEP systems also include provisions for HEPA filtered air to localized clean enclosures, lab waste and dilution system, tracking air supply and exhaust systems, specialized grounding systems, and design of EMT shielding and clean power to sensitive lab equipment. The project also includes the relocation of underground campus support utilities that currently exist below the building site and the design of distribution tunnels to bring utilities to the site from a remote central plant.

Owner: Rice University
Project Size: 110,000 sf
Completion: 2011
Construction Cost: $50M

Scope of Services
Fire Protection